Monday, 16 April 2012

Dalhousie Hill-station

Dalhousie Dalhousie experiences winter-like cold climate throughout the year. Heavy rain with thunder showers are experienced during the period from June to September. In May–July it is usually warm in the morning and afternoon but gets cold early in the evening and quite cold at night. The weather becomes very cold during winter and if it rains. Dalhousie also experiences snow during the peak of winter period in December and January. Being a hill station, Dalhousie is famous for its salubrious climate. visiting places Dalhousie has many places to visit. A favorite spot for tourists is the area near Alla. It is a potato field and it offers mesmerizing scenic landscape. Another popular spot is the area of Karelanu. It is famous for its precious water which healed a great leader, Subhash Chandra Bose. He was suffering from tuberculosis and he regularly drank the water from the natural spring in Karelanu and was healed. An astounding hill station, Dalhousie is abuzz with its old charm and embraces enduring ricochets of the 'British Raj'. One among the favourite places of the British, this hilly terrain houses a large number of Victorian style mansions, which proudly testifies its former grandeur. Spread over an area of 14 sq km, Dalhousie is built on five hills, which offers a pleasant trekking experience to toddlers as well as serious trekkers. This picturesque spot is a tiny hospice, which lies at the base of the Dhauladhar mountain range. This scenic valley offers impressive views of hills concluding in the flurry of mountains and verdant valleys . Its majestic rivers that twirls and spins amidst the lush dense woods of the planes makes for picturesque views. Besides an alluring picnic spot, Dalhousie provides excellent shopping delights at the mall road where all the activities of the town are centered. A shoppers delight the shops offer a great time for the shopping buffs. Apart from these, the interlacing lanes of this magnificient hill resort are a perfect location for promenades and sight seeing. A charming location at a height of 9000 feet, Dalhousie is blessed with outstanding attractions and its salubrious weather with moderate accommodation facilities make it a thriving tourist center of modern times. being one of the India’s largest travel company is proud to announce the tie-up with RCB for the IPL 2012. On account of being the official sponsor the RCB players have the logo of on their respective helmets. is also coming out with the excellent travel offers which is one of a kind to set the travel domain on fire. For Information Please click on proud sponsor of RCB

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